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Poster Presentation at Lab Automation

Palm Springs (January 26, 2010): Abel Villca Roque, Senior Software Engineer from Roche Diagnostics presented the use of an apartis customized software tool to scientists who attended Lab Automation 2010 in Palm Springs. This apartis software, custom made for Roche, is used with the cobas s 201 system, an automated Nucleic Acid Testing system for use in blood screening laboratories to test individual or pooled donor samples.


The cobas s 201 system needs to transfer liquid samples from donor tubes to different containers under strict volume specifications. These transfers are monitored by the real time analysis of pressure data, forming bands that allow detection of clotting and incorrect liquid transfer events. High and low pressure bands are determined from multiple test sample runs. The development effort to produce these bands is time consuming and resource-intensive due to the amount of data to be analyzed. In the poster, Roche proposed a method to optimize the determination of the pressure bands by using analytical tools and techniques created by Apartis that significantly reduce the workload during development. Roche’s software development team concluded that, their use of the Apartis software allows a very convenient way of performing data analysis of multiple runs with different pipetting instruments.

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