apartis Joins SiLA to Increase Network & Expand Product Offerings

08/07/2015 | News

Life science software development companies face many challenges, among them regulatory compliance, quality, flexibility, traceability, and complex solutions with ease of use. With nearly two decades of software design for medical devices and instrumentation, apartis Information Management is quite familiar with the industry’s needs and yet still manages to develop the software tools that OEM customers and end users need for success.

Lani Havlicek, Vice President of Business Development at apartis, recognizes SiLA’s standards and apartis’ long-time software development philosophies and practices as being well-aligned. She states, “We are excited to join SiLA. We have a newly-released AIM Scheduler Software that is SiLA-compliant and capable of dynamic (event-driven) and static (time-driven) scheduling for integrated systems (e.g. pipettors, shakers, incubators, readers, etc.). We’ve started implementing the SiLA standard in our applications and tools with the ultimate goal of offering high quality, flexible products that integrate easily with other automation devices & software applications.” apartis has also been leveraging the power and flexibility of XML parameter files in their software, which aligns with SiLA’s data standard under development.

Overall, apartis believes SiLA will help increase their company’s visibility to a broader customer base as well as expand their product offering. The SiLA Member Network is already comprised of many of apartis’ existing customers and others fit the their customer profile. Regarding SiLA services, Havlicek states, “We are interested in offering driver and software certification and are in discussions about becoming a SiLA testing facility.”

SiLA welcomes apartis to our software provider community and looks forward to their contributions in our PMS and data standard working groups.

by Devon Johnston (SiLA-Standard.org)

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