apartis data management

Data Management

Your data in top shape

Your data in top shape

  • All data levels: raw values, intermediate values, data compression
  • Parallel alignment with standards
  • Control samples for validation
  • Reflex testing

apartis software can deal with data on every processing level, from raw values to highly compressed results.

We incorporate data from every conceivable device, whether during the pre-analysis, preparation, distribution, reinforcement or measurement phase. If required, the data can be subsequently compressed to enable qualifiable and quantifiable statements.

In order to ensure secure and economic data collection, our software continuously compares the result structures of the data with freely definable standard parameters and checks for deviations against control samples. You recognize at once if, for example, equipment needs to be readjusted or samples have been incorrectly tested.

Among others, the Westgard multirule QC procedures are integrated to improve the quality control of data management. Reflex testing is also supported. This means tests can be repeated or continued automatically depending upon the results, leading to an increase in precision, speed and the economy of your system.

Your apartis data management software also includes extensive functions for test planning, e.g. for daily, weekly or monthly recurring analyses. Integrated control systems watch over the procedures and indicate any missing or delayed tests.

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