apartis Smart System Builder

apartis is excited to offer our Smart System Builder framework, a powerful toolset for developers from prototype design to commercial release.

The apartis Smart System Builder framework is a powerful state-of-the-art toolset to Design Robust Software for any Device. It can be used for R&D prototyping and easily transferred into commercial release. 

Control your devices such as motors, pumps and valves with easy to use commands. Build your low-level workflows and create higher-level commands easily. Use your high level commands for creating submodules and complete modules. Control and program your liquid handling devices locally and remotely. 

Developers may use the entire development process from R&D prototyping to IVD compliant commercial release or stop at any point in between. 

Your entire team of experts can contribute directly to software development

  • Hardware engineers can optimize component parameters directly with the Smart System Buider framework
  • No extensive knowledge of C# required
  • Eliminates the duplicate work of having software engineer recode optimized parameter settings, i.e. directly incorporate the code from the optimization effort
  • Eliminates the risk of transpose/typo errors common to code refactoring
  • System engineers can optimize processes directly with the Smart System Buider framework
  • Eliminates rework and risks associated with refactoring efforts

Reduces product development time

  • Several bothersome and time-consuming obstacles to development are removed
  • Software engineers no longer need to duplicate the work of hardware and system engineers
  • Hardware and system engineers can debug their own settings and can make changes to their settings themselves
  • True collaboration and version control when integrated with a software version control system, e.g. TFS and GitHub

The apartis Smart System Builder has been designed for flexible and extensible rapid prototyping with easily exchangeable drivers.

  • Engineers can easily add/delete/update component drivers
  • Engineers can easily create/modify/expand upon submodule commands
  • Easy to use C# scripting language embedded
  • Sourcecode repository usage supported for team development with checkin, checkout and full code history
  • Lockdown mode for commercial release is supported. The only choices for end users are those offered by the developer
  • Design history file available for tool used for commercial IVD software development
The smartBench application supports your rapid prototyping and lets you communicate directly with the instrument. Select for any number of device drivers, choose a command, define your parameters and directly execute on the connected device. Define your sequence of commands as new high-level command, sub method or even method. 
smartBuild supports your workflow development with a graphical editor. Define your methods and submethods and create your C# scripting code by simply pressing a button. 
The smartEngine is the heart of the apartis Smart System Builder. It processes your workflows, protocols and command lists and communicates with the devices through the drivers. Multi-level error handling is supported as well as parallel processing, scheduled processing and event driven processing.   
smartCore is a powerful library that supports your development with commands for logging, multi-thread handling, enhanced communications and error handling. 
smartDriver is the term used for each device driver. A driver (API) consists of a list of commands for each device and can control smaller devices such as a valve, but even larger liquid handling devices like the Hamilton Microlab STAR.
With smartPack developers are given a powerful tool to collect all method files, parameter files and any additional files needed to run a method (e.g. liquid handling or layout configuration files). The tool stores all such files in an encrypted master file that is under full version control and can be used for distribution and rollout. 
The smartInstall application takes any encrypted file produced with smartPack and installs the embedded files properly in the target environment. This makes distribution of your methods an easy task. 

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