Software for BioSynthesis - A success story

20/04/2016 | News

Manus Bio of Cambridge, MA is an industry pioneer committed to adopting best practices and developing new pathways to sustainably re-create natural processes and increase agricultural outputs. Manus Bio is dedicated to incorporating GLP into all processes and reducing their overall carbon footprint. They believe it is key to monitor their processes as well as analyze, store and retrieve data electronically.

After extensively searching the market for a LIMS that would meet their specialized needs, Manus Bio concluded that no such system existed and it would be best to partner with a software development firm to develop a bespoke yet flexible information system. This drove Manus Bio’s decision to partner with apartis to develop an information management system tailored to the unique needs of ingredient biosynthesis and fermentation.

Manus Bio and apartis are very pleased with the MetaWorks Metabolic Engineering Software that we developed together, taking advantage of close communication between software engineers, geneticists, metabolic engineers and other scientists. MetaWorks preserves a highly technical & detailed protein & enzyme engineering knowledge base with an intuitive user interface. The application can be hosted on either locally or on a cloud-based server.

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