Customer Focus: Manus Bio

Customer Focus: Manus Bio

Congratulations to Manus Bio for being named one of C&EN's 10 START-UPS TO WATCH 2018! Manus Bio produces rare and complex natural products using a sustainable and economical biomanufacturing platform.

Manus Bio Team

Leveraging technology for sustainability

Manus Bio is focused on economical and sustainable ways to make complex natural ingredients using biomanufacturing.

As an industry trailblazer, Manus Bio identified information management as an area of key importance to their future success. Manus Bio realized early on that no off the shelf information management system could meet their novel data management requirements.

Manus Bio engaged Apartis to design a software solution to meet their needs. Manus uses their electronic knowledge base to track inventory, to monitor strain and enzyme engineering progress, and to improve and design new engineering processes.

The resulting information system is MetaWorks Software - specifically designed to manage information for industrial biotechnology applications.

Software for BioSynthesis - A success Story

Manus Bio successful with MetaWorks Metabolic Engineering Software by apartis