apartis pooling


apartis software is fast, accurate and cost-effective.

The economical solution for mass testing

  • Design for arbitrary pool sizes from 4 to 1200
  • Error handling including liquid monitoring
  • Multi-channel pipettors
  • Automatic sample archiving

apartis software is fast, accurate and cost-effective. This pays dividends when highly demanding tasks such as mass testing of blood plasma or urine samples are performed. From the outset, apartis was one of the pioneers in pooling and is now a recognized specialist in this field.

Our software controls the multi-channel pipetting instruments either via a direct interface to the firmware or the software of the device. It combines very precise liquid monitoring with multi-level automatic error correction. The quantities of liquid extracted from the pipette can be controlled exactly by measuring the pressure curves. Top-quality pipetting and pooling is guaranteed at all times.

apartis software can control pools of any size. In normal circumstances 4, 6, 8, 24, 48 or 96 samples are involved, but in extreme cases up to 1200 samples are possible. Our software supports automatic repeat pooling in case of invalid results and the automatic division of positive primary pools for secondary testing.

The apartis system automatically archives a configurable quantity of liquid from every approved sample and administers millions of archive samples which, in some countries, must be deep frozen and stored for up to 7 years.

apartis case study: Pooling